Solution : Javascript error: ipython is not defined 

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If you’re encountering the error “javascript error: ipython is not defined” in the context of a Jupyter Notebook, it might be related to the fact that ipython is not recognized or available in the JavaScript context.

Here are some potential solutions:

  1. Check for Correct Usage:
  • Ensure that you are using ipython correctly in your JavaScript code. If you are trying to interact with the IPython kernel from JavaScript, make sure you are using the appropriate syntax and methods.
  1. Use require or import Statements:
  • If you are working in a Jupyter Notebook with modern JavaScript, you might need to use require or import statements to import the necessary modules or dependencies. For example:
   const ipython = require('ipython');
   // or
   import ipython from 'ipython';

Ensure that you have the necessary libraries installed and that you are importing them correctly.

  1. Load IPython Magic Commands:
  • If you are trying to use IPython magic commands in a Jupyter Notebook, make sure you are running the cell with the %load_ext or %reload_ext command before using the ipython object in subsequent cells:
   %load_ext ipython

This will load the IPython extension, and then you can use the ipython object in JavaScript cells.

  1. Check for Kernel Restart:
  • Sometimes, restarting the Jupyter Notebook kernel can resolve issues related to variable or object availability. Try restarting the kernel and running the cells again.

Without more context or specific code examples, it’s challenging to provide a more precise solution. If the issue persists, consider sharing relevant portions of your code or providing additional details for further assistance.

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